Sunday, August 9, 2009


so as u all can c..
june n july is the busiest month in my life..
well n maybe i'll be more busy than ever before after dis!!
anyway..i got my result for my sem2 final exam..
n here's the review that my tutor gave me..
"you r very gud in theory and average in ur practical. u r an outspoken student and very friendly among ur friends. have a very gud command in english. always can do better in the next time."
i was shocked actually dat she told me that im an outspoken student..well maybe im talkative and all chaos..
but dis semester totally busted..
dats all i can say..
shit is everwhere in my sem2..
lets clear em in sem3 okay..
aja aja fighting..!!
p/s: thanx to all my frens dat been here and support me all the way through..arigatou gozaimas!!