Sunday, May 30, 2010

my Personal Taste

dis is what i've been watching all dis while
Personal Taste!!
its a good drama..everytime i watched it my heart beats so fast!!
and i will smile the whole day..hahaa..
and my oppa is in it.
lee min ho!! yay ^_^
he's so tallllll!!
and good looking.
but i noe its very hard to find dis kinda guy.
maybe none. or i haven't meet yet..aha..


ok so its 1234 am.
like y im not sleepin yet?

im watching my fave korean variety shows..
and dis kdrama- personal taste.

when im watching the drama
i realize something
we must love someone truthfully and to do dat is hard..
like for me, i really like dis guy..
but there's no establish relationship between us yet..
so i can't possibly text or call him
and ask about his personal life, ryte?

cuz i hev dis thinkin dat
if i dun establish any relation to anyone even i noe him
i can't possibly simply enter his life.
but dat doesn't mean im sombong or anything.
i juz dun like to ask bout other people personal life
if im nothn to them
its kinda weird tho..
i juz rather keep to myself and well
waiting the right time to ask.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shrek, Nando's dan Shopping

Hari ni penat.
sebab ape?

1. berjalan nk tercabut kaki.
2. tgk org laen shoppin
3. xblh shoppin sebab elaun xkuar lg..ciss..

sume bnd ni wt aq penat. dan geram.
tunggu la. elaun kuar..siap.
i need new outfits, new flats, new heels and new lingerie..haha..
uisshh..piere cardin ngh sale..rugi xbeli woo..
tu jusco dpn umh ngh melambai2 kt aku..
cepat la dtg, ngh sale ni..haha..

to adik2, free2 kn la diri..
next weekend..we gonna go wild wif money!!
okay, maybe just me..but aku belanja korg makan lahh..
korg kn suke mkn..hahaa XD

so hari ini, aku beli hair band and hair accesories..
tu je la yg mampu..haha..
lg satu, aq mmg suke hair blair waldrof..ade byk koleksi..hehe..
tp mostly share ngn adik..spe g mne2 nmpk hair band yg rare n cute..juz grab lahh..
ouh..baskin robin..sje nk mkn..lme xmkn ice cream..syok ahh..

tgk shrek yg lawak..
rumpelstilskin..cmtu ke eja..panjang sgt nme dia..
new word for today..

1. CATastrophe
haha..dat one is actually for puss and donkey..
cool aite..
but really the moral of the story..appreciate what we hev now..cuz u won't realize how important it is until that thing is gone.
and u hev to fix the damage..
nando's quite nice..
official record dat today, i didn't eat rice..juz chicken wings and fries..
and ice lemon tea..
btw, kt mid valley ade football madness..
omg! cm best plak fifa dis year..
still xtaw nk sokong spe..until the finals..haha..
p/s: thanx for today frens!! xoxo!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

he is my best fren

my frens who noes dat guy who went to france
is my best fren
they will never said such things like
" do u like him?"

no. i dun like him
even so they will said, i do hev feelings for him.
yes. i do hev dis feelings. im a nurse.
tender, loving, care planted in my mind.
as a fren i always hev feelings for him. but no more than anything else.

cuz u noe y?
we r best frens
best frens dun fall in love
they stay as frens
buddy or smthng like dat

besides, he got gf
so i dun mess up wif other people bf
im not a bitch.
so dun worry
we will not go any far
best fren. full stop.

n fyi,
i dun fall for the same age guy.
i like older person
wiser and calmer
and definitely noe how to help me
cuz im always in trouble

n dat is what happened to me today.

p/s: hey u noe who i like. i told u. so dead if u forgot.

Friday, May 21, 2010

hey um say what?

my mom always said to me
i can survive anywhere in the wrold as long as i hev my frens wif me or so i hev to make one

well mom
guess what
i hev none.
im starting all over again

i noe lately i've been pushing people away from me
but funny i dun noe y
there's one time when u were surronded by people u love
then u feel like so crowded u begin to take a step behind
n just watch them

right now i feel like im blair
i dun hev frens
yea i do so one or two
but not here
i juz dun click anymore

but ryte now
im just gonna stay low and see where i got myself into
n the fact dat guy
is in france now
what could b worse

i miss my best friend who went to france and wanted to be an enginner
n got himself an iphone?
hate u even more

yea n i hev another dat wanted to buy superbike or any bike
i support him for whatever he likes.
airplane and motorbikes.
dats as well kinda cool
cuz most of the time i dun really understand the mechanism
but he still told me.
he likes to tell story
and i hev to hear.
he make me smile
he really knows.
but we just frens.
im gonna find him after the aviation thing finish
also one crazy airplane engineer
but i like.

and my GF of course
another that i called hot stuff
she's hot
but im really glad she's the same person i know untill now
humble and daring (?)
she just superb. made my day wif her crazy ideas.
im not getting bored of it
everytime we met, there's always an interesting thing to do
or being mischievious
i miss u babe!!
stick around and i might lose myself
over again
dis time we're in it together.

so basically 3 amazing person in my life
that basically make me smile
and drive my crazy
for dat i thank u.

p/s: there dis guy. make me smile too. just his simplicity attracts me. obviously he doesn't feel the same.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

my goal

lately when i met someone
they ask me what i do now
i told them, im doin nursing
they said wow u must hev a doc as ur bf or smthn like dat

i dun hev doc as my bf
or either any medical line person as my bf
i found it
boring when u as a couple work in the same department
and same line, which for me is medical

but it runs in my family tho
my parents met and fall in love at work place. i guess.
they are colleague
yes they go to work together
come back together
sounds so sweet.

my sis and bro in law
yes. met and fall in love at work place.
go to work together and come back together.
yess sounds so sweet and everything.

but since i was small
until now, believe it or not.
i still hear the only thing when we all had gathering
was, about their work and insurance.
those people work for insurance company.
so its logic when they talked bout it.

its their life. there's nothing i can do bout it.
well yeah same goes for my big bro.
but now he changed profession
works for government tho.
those agensi anti dadah or smthng..
dun ask more cuz i hev no idea
what kind of thing he did.
my dad once said its a dangerous job..haha...idk.

for me.
kinda different
if i hev bf
i dun really like we're workin for the same company or line.
i want different.
rare jobs or just other interesting job
so we could talk bout different things every time we ever meet.
i tink its kinda fun when we hev different perspective over smthn, aite?

n let me make things clear
i work my ass off
and study real good
at least after dis i can do post basic or cont degree or smthn
and fly away to other country to experience new things in life.
yes. and money as well. the salary is good outside.
call me anything u want, but this is what i want to achieve.
its exactly y i join nursing.

thought want to be a teacher but nah, its part time. n i miss those kids!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 2 3 click

when i feel sad or angry
i take pictures
u will feel better
n dats only if u like camera.

the time when u were not supposed to rush

how do u feel when u were in an exam
and u hev to rush to finish it?
even u noe u still got time but u hev to rush
because the tutor ask u to finish it
because she wants to mark it fast.

yup dats what happened to me today and the rest of my frens today.
we rushed like mad people in exam hall
me, write and write until i hurt my wrist.
stain on my palm
hurt my back
so whatever.

no its not essay dat we were writing.
its a short and simple question but with a lot to write and lots of key points to elaborate.
but dis tutor give 4 papers and when we ask for more papers she grumbled.
hellooo..4 papers= 1 subject. if u must know, it is an important subject for us.
we got lots of idea to write but were suppress by you. thank you.
maybe i failed maybe not.
i got 2 subjects in one paper to be finish and u rushing us like mad!!
give very little paper and yet scold us when we ask for more.
for ur paper i did it within 10 minutes..the last 10 minutes!!
no its not that i dun noe how to answer well, its because u were rushing us. and i can't really tink well when u were mumble here and there like nobody bussiness.

oh u were leaving. pls leave ASAP.
i do not wish for u anyway.

p/s: this one that ask me to sit at the back of my class. and the one dat make my RA looks terrible. endocrine is a nice subject. thank u. it look bad now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Serena and Blair. ILY.

i always remind myself y im still putting up the 'serena and blair' picture as my background.
maybe because:

1. i like gossip girl.
2. i like serena and blair.
3. i love how they hold each other hands (no im not lesbo)
4. i like their friendship on and off screen.
5. reminds me of my own friendship.

about reason no 1. yes. im a huge fan of gossip girl. better known as GG. i just found out or enlightened by what anis said to me last week. "GG season 3 full is out". no anis is not a fan of GG. she well...House is her freakin series. mine is GG. we are a total opposite. nevertheless she still told me. thanx babe!.

so here's the plan. im goin to study like mad tonight. or maybe tmrw. watever. after that, if my mood is brighten up, i want to go to ampcorp mall ( yes, its the only place that i noe that sell my freakin GG wif such a nice price) and bought as many DVD as i can, and later on, watch it together wif my dear lappy. how's that sound? cuz really..i need a long break. im tired. dunno of what actually..but i just can't wait to get dis all done. u can say watever you want but im gonna stick wif it. my plan.

here are the thing i wish to get done wif:

1. final exam
2. freakin procedures.
3. assignments

so much of a college life. im gonna puke now. im sick.

R for Robin Longstride

last night i watched robin hood!!
yeay..i like!!
my sis said it was boring.

but for me, personally i tink the movie is great!!

maybe because:

1. i like english men.
2. i like horses.
3. i like england.
4. i like the scenery. so greeeeen..
5. i like their accent.
6. i like archers.
7. russel crowe

ok, i know i suck at giving movie reviews. my frens said the only thing i like about a movie is basically not the plot but the 'thing' inside. such as the above. the actors, the place, the view..etc.

but oh well. that's me. i find the accent is fascinating. i want to learn to talk like that. and not the 'rojak' and added 'lahhhh..' at the back of my sentence..
i really2 love to learn languages..if i don't have anything to do by willingly to learn new languages, aside than mandarin which i can learn from my dear chinese frens.

but i must say, its a sad movie though..people killing each other. i mean war. burn houses and people especially women and could they..

as usual im the one who overly excited when robin longstride and his army won..hurray for england. the king urrgghhh..he played well. i do hate him.

p/s: its a great movie for those who loves history and england, and horses and justice.
i can still watch it over again.

Friday, May 14, 2010

ngomelan harian

bru balik jog..kejap je kn..jauh la jgk..
kt kolej aku ni..pusing belakang tu naik bukit...turun bukit...lalu kuil..
nmpk anjing...lari laju2..
tbe2 da smpai..
actually nk jog ngn dia ade byk keje nk dibuat..kata nya..
xtaw lah..tadi aku intai bilik dia, aku nmpk dia tido2 ayam atas katil..hahahaa..
nk basuh baju lah..ape lah..kemas beg lah..kate nk balik umh esok..hee~~

smlm nk jog sme2 tp hujan..
kelmarin da jog kt tmn gk..ade gym..
lg la giler aq nmpk bnde cmni..haha..nk amk satu letak kt porch umh..blh men bile2 mse..
tp bak kate org..kalau dah ade bnd cmni kat umh..bkn gune pown..simpan wt perhiasan..hahaha..

btw, aku da ckp..aku ni memang..xyh heran. =D

mlm ni..nk study sket..sbb memang xde mood pown dah...esok sports day..excited habis.
selasa exam? final..ciet..
paper yg susah da siap2 ni..mind map da ready..
tinggal nk key in dlm otak je..hehe..
sambil delete mne2 memori yg xbrp penting..nk kasik space sket..

so. jgn la buat mood saya terganggu. buat saya happy je hari2..suke sangat.

oh lg satu, kelas aku ni termasuk aku memang suke sangat design baju. design, order, siap, pakai.
ok kali ni ktowg..pakai suke siott..
ade nme kt blakang..ngn index number..cun ar gk..
tp..imaginasi je..
bile da siap..huh..
rse nk bakar je kdai pak cik tuh..
yg order S cm XS.
M cm S.

so ktowg ngh pening pale cmne nk kasik hilang adipos2 ni dlm mse 24 jam.
memang rse cm nk bakar kedai dia.
da 1001 alasan..last2 ni la result dia..

wt mse skg..aku ngh pkai kn jersey aku kt bantal yg plg besar yg aku ade dlm bilik ni..
at least bg dia longgar sket r..kalau x nmpk cm sarung nangka weyhh..sioott je kn..bengang giler..
kalau pkai mmg fit, esok sume org akan terpegun ngn group aku. body shape yg delicious,voluptous..jgn berdarah plak hidung nanti..hahaha..

tak pelik kn?

ok aku taw..mesti org ingat aku dah giler or buang tebiat ke ape.
ni memang kebenarannya..
aku jogging.

aku memang suke jogging2 ni..
petang2 boleh..pagi2 lg la boleh sangat..
aku kn org pagi..pagi2 mmg mood aku baek je..
pagi2 da menari dlm bilik..
roomate kate aku giler..
kne practice lahh..
nk msk competiton nih..
kalau jd lahh..
sometimes bz sgt..xde mase nk dancing..
last2 lupe kn je la..hahhaaa..

org2 di sekeliling aku dah kate aku pelik.
sebab aku semangat giler nk jogging..
tp kn weyy..mmg aku jogging pon bile balek umh every weekend..
kalau xcye..g la check kt tasik permaisuri or lake valley..
mst jmp aku ngh lari2..or jalan laju2..hahaha..
btw, family ktorg memang cmni..
suke beriadah..hehe

xnak kurus pown..nk nmpk delicious je..=p

keep fit lahhhhh...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i wanna tell u

i tink i like u

but i dun noe

its not certain

and im afraid.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

i cried over blue people.

there are some stories dat just make u cried.
n guess what dis movie made me cry.
but i tink its better for him to be avatar, cuz he can do so much with his legs..
he can climb, walk, run ride..pretty much everything.

not to worry tho..
i always cry when im watching movies
like anis said "movie mane kau tgk tak nangis, tina?"
anyway, blue people are amazing!
and i want to ride ikran. and the forest is awesome!! jakun people like me shud live there..hehe..

if u hev one just let me noe k.
but wait, avatar is like not the movie dat people are talking bout it now ryte, so y am i telling dis?
it is because last time when my family watched it in cinema, i couldn't join them cuz im working..sad..

da ketinggalan not up- to- date..
p/s: yes i cried over movies everytime..because im a bit foolish..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hair..long or short?

no more sad post..*cross fingers* in dilema.
like dis..
every morning..
i hev to choose. what i want to wear. dis shirt goes with what pants.
n so on..
ok then face. fine. i put toner n i do not wear make up to class..duhhh...
then while waiting for my hair to dry up. i do not use hair dryer, to dry my hair..urghh..not gud for ur hair..
i make myself breakfast. quacker oats. if not..haishh..30 minutes in class...i'll be drooling..
like anis said" tina, can't live without breakfast.."

here it goes..
my hair..ok its not dat long neither short.
its middle long..
i dunno how to style it..
yes dats true..lets say..i dun keep my hair dat long..long..
i used to cut if i can't stand wif it..
so my hair is always short..but not too short..

i don't like to tie my hair..
i love it when it sways or when i flip my hair..
i only tie if its really bothering me or so..

n the fringe..urghh..
i juz cliped it..totally mess my hair..hahaaa

my intention is..want to keep my hair as long as i can..
i want to challenge myself..chaiyok2!!


should have

should hev ignored u
should pretend i didn't know u
should hev ran away
should hev said im bz
should hev said all the bad things bout u
should said NO to everything
should never ask so much
should never ask when ur leaving....
cuz i know
u will answer me
and i be so excited
i want to do everything
wif you
cuz i know
im weak
i could juz burst into tears
infront of you
n told u everything
and now
ur gone
n im still here.
"the past is weary and is long gone"

Monday, May 3, 2010

long gone

i have a friend.
best friend.
its only been a day, but i tink i miss him.
he went to france.
further of what he wanna be.
an engineer.
gosh, i hope he succeed.

but when i go home dis weekend
im thinking,
what should i do?
besides than be wif my family.

we usually go out
watch movies, eat n talked crap.
we never really fancy each other.
cuz i really love the friendship
that we had
i couldn't move on.
dis friendship might break.
n so my heart.

i tink of doin something
i always tell myself,
dis guy wif me
already got gf, n they love each other.
dun be a bitch and make them fight.
cuz if i only tink bout myself,
i already be one.

but when i heard
dat ur gf
can't come
to send u
and come to the party
i feel quite sad n mad

then as ur best friend
i stepped in
n came
i tink its a sad thing if someone we love
couldn't make it to such an important event in life
well ur the gf, dun u feel bad?
u can't come to ur own bf farewell party
and u can't send him to the airport.

as his friend
i do feel sad for him
u can totally see it from his eyes

i noe he's sweet
came to visit u
n hang out u
cuz he loves u

i heard his problems
all dis long
n if u ever break up wif him
over some stupid thing
ur juz gonna hev to deal wif me

cuz he's such a nice guy
n a freak. so leave my freaking friend if u dun love him.

oh dis is what we did. everything is last:
1. watched iron man 2
2. subway + big apple
3. bought u a gift
4. msg wif u
5. lunch together
6. smack u
7. aegyo thing
8. airport thing

but we never really said goodbyes.
i hate goodbyes. since then, the only thing we ever said was "later"
or worse, "im hanging up".

my last msg, n damn i forgot to say take care.
"forget me, dun stalk me, dun call me, dun msg me. juz focus k. i'll be the last."

people would say im pretty weird.
but i rarely say goodbyes n everything good doesnt come with it.
so juz dun remember me.
safe journey.

be a man after 3 years. or tony stark by any chance?
i can be..ummm..natalie? pepper?
pls be the same guy for me.
i need that.
thank u.