Wednesday, December 30, 2009


hehehehhe..*wide smile*
da beli hp bru!!
samsung corby!! romantic pink..
later i show k.. in fon lme..beli la corby..
go wif my sis n dad..haha..mst kne ade ayah..beliau taw nk dpt kasik kurg sket..hahaha..
da la apek yg jual tu pown cute gilos.
ermm..thanx azza n hanani for ur comment..i'll comment u back lah.

haa..nk taw x..
ade sorg junior kt kolej aq stay kt cj..wohoooo..ku tdk keseorangan..
cmni kisahnye..

"asilah tnggl mne?"
"kt cheras"
"cheras kt mne?"
"kt cheras jaya"
"hah? balakong?"
"balakong. npe senior pon taw ke tmpt tu?"
"hoho..mst la taw..kte pon tnggl sne"
"asilah fasa bpe?"
"fasa 1"
"kte fasa 5"
"oh bestlah..nt boleh blk sme2 kn"(senior yg excited)

so nk dijdkn cerita. asilah rpenye skool kt cj smpai form5, mmg knal la ngn cousin aq yg skool sne gk..
me..? dye xknal la..cuz form4 aq da blah g teknik..
sonok dpt jmp owg jejak kasih..hahaha..

oh ye..psal fon bru en..mmg sedey mse trade in tu..kte ni kn owg miskin..xpe..da keje nt aq nk bli byk bende..hehehe..hope will happened soon..xlme lg da..nk graduate da ni..cewaahhhh..

p/s: new year aq wt night shift!! da jgn ajk aq kuar plak. wt sedey je..huhuhu..

Monday, December 28, 2009


cube tgk kt belah kanan pge aq..
best x..?
best kn..
well..boring2..xde keje..cmni la..
update blog ngn nth pape pics..hahaha..
xde la..
tu actually..
my favorite guy, girl band n boy band..!!
ade byk tp hehe..penat aq nk wt nih..
credit goes to photoscape!!
wifi pon cm best jek..ape lg..ku upload byk2 pics..
pastu combine2..jd la cmtu..

yg mne satu plng ssh nk decide..?
possible bf tu lah..
hhaha..berangan je keje aq kn..
tp mmg ssh..mungkin ku akn update yg lg ensem..?
actually before kibum, nk letak gdragon cm cuteeeee sgt..
nt owg amk..isshhh xley2..
pastu nk letak aq ske rambut ngn body dye je (the way he dance k..)
yg pasti aq xtpkr pon nk letak daesung!! hahaha..cian dye..
lee min ho first!! woot2!!
k la..korg mst ta knl en..nth spe si datyn ni dok membebel..
yg first 3 kotak tuh..
sbb aq xtaw kiri ke start from grey pic ye..
1. lee min ho (boys over flowers)
2. lee hong ki (ft island)
3. lee seung gi
4. TOP (big bang)
5.kibum (super junior)

mmg pilihan yg sukar..hmmm..

pasal boy band tuh..mst korg tnye npe aq xmnt DBSK..?
nth aq xbrape juz mnt kt max je..
tp yg pntg..dr dulu smpai skg aq mnt kt super junior!!
jambu beb!! hahahhaa..
tp mak aq mst xsetuju..sbb diowg mke cm pompuan..(mak aq nye opinion)
kalo big bang lak..mmg mnt abs..
tp bpk aq plak xsetuju..lagu nth pape..nk ckp,ckp..nk nyanyi,nyanyi ler..(bpk nye opinion)
hisshhh..xmembantu..xkn nk dgr jer..hehehe..

girls band plak..xde mslh mmg mnt gler2..ngn 2NE1 tuh..
lgu diowg perghh...CL ngn minzy nye lgu..please don't go mmg sedap didengar..hahaha..
brown eyed girls mmg sexy lgu abracadabra pon bley thn..
tp en..f(x) tuh aq igt dak2 same umur ngn kite2 hampeh..junior tuh..
bdk bwh umur..hahaha..rse cm dgr lgu hannah montana pon ade..sedap gk sebenarnye..
SNSD huh..xyh cite la..GEE mmg best!! bak kate membe aq..lgu bdk gedik..eleh..dye jeles xpe truskan mendengar..gee gee..gee..

overall..sume org yg nominated td tuh mmg best..lawak..ensem..kiut..hahaa..
korg kalo xtaw psl kpop mst boring je bce post aq yg nih..
tp xpe..amk2 la taw..bergune nt..(pe kne plak..?)

p/s: tolong men2 ngn ikan2 ku~~thanx.xoxo.

tears and goodbye

yesterday there was dis grandma died in my ward...
so sad.. T______T
how she died..?
she got septicemia..
dat means the blood got bacteria or toxins..

what i did..?
i helped staff resuscitate the patient..push the emergency trolley and all..
ambu bag..suction..everything was so fast and i stood there..shocked..
but i helped staff passed the things they need..well since im still a student n there's a lot to learn..
but i got to tell u something..i feel lyke working in trauma or emergency dept will be exciting ryte..
adrenaline..chaotic..savin life..quick action..think fast..
i tink i like all dat..the reaction..

but after dat..everythng failed..its her tyme to go..
but i got the feelin dat she will not stay long though..
her blood pressure can't be detect..
urine output low..
saturation of oxygen is totally low..
everybody said so..she got DIL issue nway..
so i guess her daughters aware of it..

they were there when we do the resuscitation..
they cried..then the son came...he cried..
their relative cried..
made us want to cry tooo..
cuz we nurse the patient..
goodbye popo..
may u rest in peace..

Saturday, December 26, 2009


siapakah namja itu..?
*namja- lelaki dlm bhs korea*

blk dr keje..on fb..
tbe je aq nmpk kt live feed tuh.
"CAM CUN JERK!" to datyn..huhuhu..

ape kes nih..???
yela nth2 aq perasan..mne taw dye ade membe len nme datyn aq ni kn spy hebat..
so aq tgk profile dye..ade 2 org membe je beb..
cre dye spell nme aq pown cm btol en..

da la xslalu on9 fb..tbe je tego owg cmtu..
ish..xske r..
ok la..nme dye lukman hakim..nth laki mne nth..membe kpd siape nth..
dlu dye approve je la..ckp la thanx kn..
pastu da bbrp bulan xon9..tbe xde angin ribut kencang on9..
da la xreti nk tagged owg..nth pape je..
poyo jep mamat tuh kn..

kpd encik lukman hakim..
kalo tbe2 tergerak aty nk tgk blog stalker..
silakn la ye..
tp nk bgtaw xske owg yg nth pape cm encik nih..
xkesa la nk ckp sy perasan ke ape ke..wtever la..
but its my name written there..its my right..
ishhh..btol2 xske r..
his words..seem not ryte..

ahha..dis kind of person really...
one day if he gonna ask him..
which i already comment on his status..
kalo dye tuh..
poyo sungguh mamat tuh..
benci ah..grrr..

Friday, December 25, 2009

story on xmas

juz come back from work!!
hev to work on xmas. nurse maa..if cuti then who want to look after my popo n ah kong..?
i dun mind either..
i got my leave before dat..
n n
im doin night shift on new years eve..
dun mind either..cuz i hev nobody to celebrate with..hahhaa..

juz now at a lot of thngs to little time le..
luckily the staff willingly to supervise me..hee..
cuz dat i believe determination is very important..
once u set the thngs u want, sure u will get one..
one way or another..
determination..!! yeah!!

n yesterday on fb..
i took a lot of quiz..
n one of them is.."why r u still single"
my ans..dat i got is not in the mood!!
well but maybe true..its juz dat im not really looking..
since dat guy i like is not here n n..i tink he juz tink dat im his lil
but nvm lah..i really look up to him..idk..cuz he's smart n funny..?
he's juz calm..haha..
not like me..everyhtn oso kan cheong one..hhahahaha..
well my fren oso said dat i already close my heart to another person le..
maybe la..he tried so hard i could barely see him there, stood there..
but he's not wish him the best in his life..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

kakak, adik dan telefon.

percaye atau tidak..its been quite a long tyme dat i didn't insert my atm card in the atm machine!!
wohoooo!! improvement. hahahha..
i've been saving..nk kawen nt. lol..=p

no actually..nk bli hp bru..
hahhaa..but do not tell dis to my dad..
he said i membazir n bla bla..
but but how come my sis got 2 fon..both wif camera..well atleast if ade 2 fon kn..ppl usually yg cikai punye..but she...arghhh..i want one too..better than her..ofkos.
so i had dis deal wif my mom..since my dad dun want to buy the fon sesenang hati jer..i made a lil deal...wt la made deal wif parents..=p
dis is idk..hahhaa..

came up wif dis idea..if i achieve gud result for my mom goin to pay half of the fon price..well mayb including the accessory lah how..? bijaksana x..?
the point is..when i want somethn..i usually mean way or another..hah..
n n dis month punye allowance pown cm byk jer..since our cafeteria been shut for awhile..
skg da open blk..kalo x mati da aq skg nih..poket kering r..mane bley..hahhaa..
i already told my dad dat..u got 3 daughters very concern of wt my sis got n i didn't..
im very jealous of my sis huh..?
but wtever lah..i still got better fon then her nway..hhahaa..
tulah..nk membebel jp..

model oren

i hev dis new fmly member to introduce to u all..
she's my niece..she's goin 7 next year. her name is nur farzana izzati bt ahmad fitri.
i really love her. even she noty to me..sometimes.
she really2 cute. y my sis never send her for casting..haisshhh..
she loves to play ps2 n psp. she noe how to speak english quite well. she noe how to surf internet. sort of. she loves ikea. dunoe y. she talks dis much..she's smart. but she too cute..u couldn't resist ryte..? lil sis capture dis
i mean we really got dis gene dun b jealous lah..hahaha..
juz check out the pic k..

p/s: i miss u lah!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

im back!!

hey yo!!
long time no write..sorry2!!

urm..guess what..??
i finished my exams..with all the hard work..n sacrifices( xley mkn megi~~)
n entering sem 4 with fresh start..well lets hope for it..
during sem 3..i learned a lot of thngs..n made whole bunch of crazee frens..(they really cracked me up sometimes =)
i liked it..

i liked everything i have..
i want them more..
n more to come..
n pleased me..

the last paper that we studied was cvs..n not juz me but my grup girls really work it out not to fail.
me, anis, shu, maera, diana and wah had a really fun time studying the topics!!!
wee~~crazee ler..n slept at 3am.

there were the days when cafeteria was shut down due to some painting and cleaning, so, we got to eat out..anywhere u want..
luckily..maera and anis pangkor's frens help us a lot.
bring us eat outside..hehe..kamsamida..
n i met dis guy name meon.
really dun noe wt is his real name..they all juz called him i juz..u noe..follow em..
he was real funny guy..i can't stop laughing when i tink bout his jokes!!
i guess dis kind of guy cracks me everytime..
he got dis nerd looks but looks can be deceiving..=)
nway, i hope we can meet again..really made my day..hahahahaha..

Sunday, August 9, 2009


so as u all can c..
june n july is the busiest month in my life..
well n maybe i'll be more busy than ever before after dis!!
anyway..i got my result for my sem2 final exam..
n here's the review that my tutor gave me..
"you r very gud in theory and average in ur practical. u r an outspoken student and very friendly among ur friends. have a very gud command in english. always can do better in the next time."
i was shocked actually dat she told me that im an outspoken student..well maybe im talkative and all chaos..
but dis semester totally busted..
dats all i can say..
shit is everwhere in my sem2..
lets clear em in sem3 okay..
aja aja fighting..!!
p/s: thanx to all my frens dat been here and support me all the way through..arigatou gozaimas!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

the 3 things

bru balek keje..posting time yeah..
procedures, signature..ward with fussy patients..
yeah dats made my day..but hey, i've learned a lot about ppl dis days..
first thing..
im late at watching the most anticipated movie dis year..
transformers 2!! huhu..
should hev booked early..
second thing..
i'll go back on 19/7 so..lets shopping!!
a week off!!
got to cook nice meals, buy some clothes..
can't wait..
third is..
finish my final sem exam..
goin to sem3 soon...
more tough..
hope can make it through..
very tired lah...
to b continue...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

around the world

updating now!!
okay2..somebody tego me to update my blog...
i noe..i hev a gud story to tell ryte...?
nway..every time for dis month..
every time when i went back to my home...
there were always new wedding invitation for my family..
there were like until now..*looking at the special wall*
like..11 invitations..!!
my dad is someone important its like dat..yeah..
everyday my dad will update the invitations..
nway, today i went to shah alam..
never really been sooooo into shah alam before..
i dun really hev frens there to visits or relatives..
y r we there..?
to fulfill the wed invitations of course..
so, the place is subang bestari..
like is it in subang..?
nope..actually its near to sg buloh..!
at first, we sesat already...
my mom gave up..
but me n my dad not!!
so, based on the map..its not really convincing..
we asked people..
some people who actually live in shah alam or near there..dun noe where is subang bestari..
luckily..there's dis girl at petrol station helped us..thank god..
we managed to get there...after my dad went and asked people at masjid when he performed his solat zohor there..
so dat guy showed us..
well guess what..
the map dat they gave is actually..the map inside their residence...
got the bulatan lah..the esso lah...bla bla..
ish really lah..
really got my nerves...
now i really juz think dat..please..drop me anywhere in the kl..but not shah alam..
i'll lost..~!!
shah alam for really complicated...
never2 go there..
ouh..we got there at 1630..
its almost finish..
but we get to eat..
and there r several reasons y i like to go to wedding ceremony..
1. the catering guys..they r hot..some of them..well at least those dat i noe..
2. the cenderamata..make me tink what shud i give on my wed day..hehe..
3. the 'tuan rumah' punya anak2..they must hev one gorgeous son.. ryte..? haha..
4. and the food..of course..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

taylor swift- you belong with me

You're on the phone with your girlfriend

she's upset

she's going off about something that you said

she doesn't get your humor

like i do

i'm in my room

it's a typical tuesday night

i'm listening to the kind of music

she doesn't like

she'll never know your story

like i do

but she wears short skirts

i wear t-shirts

she's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers

dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that

what you're looking for has been here the whole time

if you could see that i'm the one who understands you

been here all along so why can't you see

you belong with me

you belong with me

walking the streets

with you and your worn out jeans

i can't help thinking this is how it ought to be

laughing on a park bench

thinking to myself

hey, isn't this easy?

and you've got a smile

that could light up this whole town

i haven't seen it in awhile since she brought you down

you say you're fine

i know you better than that

hey whatchu doing with a girl like that

she wears high heels

i wear sneakers

she's cheer captain

i'm on the bleachers

dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that

what you're looking for has been here the whole time

if you could see that i'm the one who understands you been here all along

so why can't you see

you belong with me

standing by and waiting at your back door

all this time how could you not know baby

you belong with me

you belong with me

oh, i remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night

i'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry

and i know your favorite songs

and you tell me about your dreams

think i know where you belong

think i know it's with me

can't you see that i'm the one who understands you

been here all along so why can't you see?

you belong with me

have you ever thought just maybe

you belong with me?

the complication of life would be..

sorry didnt update for awhile..
got exams n ol..
quite busy..
sports day comin up..
n u noe im a bit of suffers from hyperactivity disorders..hehe..
so ol dis thng make me jumpin around lyke 5 years old kid..yeay!! *still jumpin*

anyway..i watched star trek n u noe what..i tink i like nerds..
haha..MR.SPOCK captured my heart..ok..mayb zachary quinto did it..
n there's CAPTAIN KIRK..on the way.mesmerized me wif his charms..
gosh can't choose between them!!
love them both..
i like chris pine..hihi..
but zachary quinto is hot too..
lets c who makes more money then..*grinning*
oh yea..i watched star terk TWICE.
not frens said im a total geek..juz because i like to refer mr.spock n capt. kirk as my bf..haha..imagine dat..

wait..there's two movie dis time..
another one is...NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2!!
can u believe it.. Ben Stiller kissed Amelia Earhart..?
n Abraham Lincoln.. the big statue at Washington..can actually move.. talked..?
well at least in the movie lah...
who's Amelia Earhart..? ala..u noe..the first lady dat fly the plane through the atlantic..
she's the movie of course..wouldnt noe how she really looked like..
anyway..if u ask me..the movie is a total historical...
n n maybe goin to watch..
i love you, man..or ghosts of the gf past..
n the most anticipated movie dis year is transformers 2.
heh..can't wait any longer lor..
n i've seen HARRY POTTER latest movie..
n guess what..?
DRACO lookin some point..i tink he's even more handsome than Harry..
y i always fall for the bad guy...
shud watch it then..would b my num 1 list after transformers 2..
now, bout college life..
i tink by now..i shud hev a lil bit of breakdowns..
but not..
u the girl who always..go wif the flow..
i move along..n not stuck wif problems bugging in my pretty sure im not like dat..
yea..i do my studies..chores..i play sports..i chill out..almost what every girls would do..
but one thng i tink im not really lookin
i like dis guy..but he already got dis amazingly i juz let it go..
n dis guy who drives hot wheels..if u noe what i mean..he drives lancers..n BMW..n he juz me..he super rich i guess..he bought dat wif his own money..i met him once...he looks humble..
he didnt tell me n my frens dat he drives Lancers at first cuz dat time we all tumpang my frens car..until he dropped him at his house..n we saw dis amazing car...n its actually belong to him!!
i dun like him juz because he drives hot i..? not gonna meet him anymore..n i dun noe dat much bout dad knows it better of course..

n hey check out taylor swift new song..
u belong wif me..
sounds more like all the girls story..haha..

Friday, May 1, 2009

i would date myself

have u ever heard dat..the happier u r being single..the most likely u r to find ur ideal partner..
lets c..
im happy being single...
so who dun like a woman dat love their job, frens they adore, money..goals to achieve
always got interesting story to tell n...nice place to live..?
tell me who on earth dun like dat...huh..?
im sorry guys but i guess u ol can't deny it either..
u love girls dat juz have it all.. place to live in..its excitiing isnt it...?
always on the top of everythng..
always stand out among the others..
n most important thing is, u dun mope around boys..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

single n available..but no sacrifices

i feel bored n i go for tagged.
everytime i wanted to + ppl..
like okay..r they single or in relationship..
bcuz i dun want to disturb the bf n gf very peaceful..heh..
so, now, everywhere i go n c..everyone got a couple or smthng like dat..
n im like..okay
enjoyin zainur single so enjoy it..or at least dat is what i remembered..

is it really hev a partner..?
do u really enjoy dis partnership thngy..?
cuz for me..a lot of sacrifices n commitment to give..
n not ready to it yet..
like i had a fight wif my fren cuz she's always hanging out wif her bf instead of me..
i mean like we're BFF k..
then i went n tink bout it..
am i jealous..? no..? yes..?
still i called her n said sorry..

since then, i began to understand this partnership thng..n well..its really..i mean sacrifices..
i dun tink i want to do any sacrifices 19 okay..
dis mayb looks like im really a self- centered person..but im savin up my sacrifices for something dat is more important in the future..
n dat is way better than having ur bf hanging around u for like 24/7!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

love ur body people!!

so juz now my family n i went to jusco balakong here..
want to buy somethng dat is really important to me!!
my nurse's watch!!
n xde plak kt situ..
but my dad said lets go n eat pizza!!
we always go to pizza hut n hev our super supreme there..
it juz a nice normal family day eating out..
so bla2..talking bout my mom asked my sis to jadi gemok sket..hehe..

then i asked my mom..
"ma, nk ape for mother's day..?"
"belikn perfume from body shop.."
"ouh xpyh la..mama ade bnyk perfume kn..belikn mama golf set lah.."
"nk wt pe..?"
"men golf kot..simpan ke.."
my mom then laughs..

lpas da mkn..g la gk body shop tue..
wat kecoh jp kt sne.."kak, yg ne satu the latest one..?"
"ouh, wild cherry is the latest one.."
"show me"
try 10 kali..
beli gk..wild cherry body lotion..
n its my turn..japanese cherry blossoms body lotion..hahaaa..
bought one for sharing2 k.
my dad bought..body brush..

pay time..
i wanted to pay but..
my dad said..dun waste ur money on smthg like dis..i'll pay for u..
ouh pleasure..hihihi...
then dat akak..said i can be member..
erm..okay lah kot.. mom was dad was worry bout me being a shopaholic..
me happy cuz i hev such a great parents..
da smpai mom kissed me n said thanks dear..what do u want for ur b'day..?
n i said the entire store of body shop!!
my mom was like..yeah ryte!!

should've tried harder

Some think that they deserve more

Give a little like it's become a chore

Don't demand things or walk yourself out the door

I fell flat on my face too many times

Left with nothing but some cheap perfume

Now you cry, now you need me

Now that perfume's not cheap

But I told you...

If you wanted to be my only one

If you wanted to see this happen

Maybe you, you should've tried harder

If you thought I would leap into your arms everytime I would see your face

Then maybe you, you should've tried harder

Go on, prove it, I'd love to see you try

Convince me that you gave me the world

I tried and tried but you never opened your eyes

You stand tall like you've won some kind of award

But really I've never seen someone so short or taller

If you gave me some more

But I told you...

If you wanted to be my only one

If you wanted to see this happen

Maybe you, you should've tried harder

If you thought I would leap into your arms everytime I would see your face

Then maybe you, you should've tried harder

Some think that they deserve more

Give a little bit

If you wanted to be my only one

If you wanted to see this happen

Maybe you, you should've tried harder

If you thought I would leap into your arms everytime I would see your face

Then maybe you should've tried harder.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

pity him

so i took dis quiz in facebook..
it called 'where will u meet ur mr. right..?'
n i will meet my mr right..guess where..?
at my college..!!
n i was like..ouh okay..
but wait..
my college is like all- girls!!!
how on earth am i going to find one..?
or even see one..?
bullshit ok..
not goin to find one..
dun feel like it anyway..
n in dis single-mingle club..
trying to focus on work n study actually..
im juz thinkin whoever got to b my not lucky at ol..
cuz im darn busy..if he is busy too then its ok..but lets say if im the one who busy all the time n he's sure he will like thinkin im very boring n workaholic..?
so dat is y im not goin to hev a bf now..cuz really what a pity..
well if he got a car..then he can come n give me a ride..ryte..?
n i would really love him if he can do dat..juz for me..hahaaaa..
updating soon

Friday, April 17, 2009

the tough way i learned

juz came back from work.
i learned somethng today..
signs r not easy to get..u hev to struggle to get it..
no, actually today i hev to get some procedures done before i can get dat sign..
even worse i didnt think i want dat sign at first until my fren told me " y dun u try, tina..?
she mean go try asked for a supervision. then i thnk bout it n said dis is my chance..(i never realize any chances..)
so i asked my CN n she said "YES"
im glad but later on she asked me some question which i can answer..n im nodding ol the time..hehe..
at last she signed my book..yeah! im suffering from muscles cramps..yikes!!
played to much..