Sunday, May 24, 2009

the complication of life would be..

sorry didnt update for awhile..
got exams n ol..
quite busy..
sports day comin up..
n u noe im a bit of suffers from hyperactivity disorders..hehe..
so ol dis thng make me jumpin around lyke 5 years old kid..yeay!! *still jumpin*

anyway..i watched star trek n u noe what..i tink i like nerds..
haha..MR.SPOCK captured my heart..ok..mayb zachary quinto did it..
n there's CAPTAIN KIRK..on the way.mesmerized me wif his charms..
gosh can't choose between them!!
love them both..
i like chris pine..hihi..
but zachary quinto is hot too..
lets c who makes more money then..*grinning*
oh yea..i watched star terk TWICE.
not frens said im a total geek..juz because i like to refer mr.spock n capt. kirk as my bf..haha..imagine dat..

wait..there's two movie dis time..
another one is...NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2!!
can u believe it.. Ben Stiller kissed Amelia Earhart..?
n Abraham Lincoln.. the big statue at Washington..can actually move.. talked..?
well at least in the movie lah...
who's Amelia Earhart..? ala..u noe..the first lady dat fly the plane through the atlantic..
she's the movie of course..wouldnt noe how she really looked like..
anyway..if u ask me..the movie is a total historical...
n n maybe goin to watch..
i love you, man..or ghosts of the gf past..
n the most anticipated movie dis year is transformers 2.
heh..can't wait any longer lor..
n i've seen HARRY POTTER latest movie..
n guess what..?
DRACO lookin some point..i tink he's even more handsome than Harry..
y i always fall for the bad guy...
shud watch it then..would b my num 1 list after transformers 2..
now, bout college life..
i tink by now..i shud hev a lil bit of breakdowns..
but not..
u the girl who always..go wif the flow..
i move along..n not stuck wif problems bugging in my pretty sure im not like dat..
yea..i do my studies..chores..i play sports..i chill out..almost what every girls would do..
but one thng i tink im not really lookin
i like dis guy..but he already got dis amazingly i juz let it go..
n dis guy who drives hot wheels..if u noe what i mean..he drives lancers..n BMW..n he juz me..he super rich i guess..he bought dat wif his own money..i met him once...he looks humble..
he didnt tell me n my frens dat he drives Lancers at first cuz dat time we all tumpang my frens car..until he dropped him at his house..n we saw dis amazing car...n its actually belong to him!!
i dun like him juz because he drives hot i..? not gonna meet him anymore..n i dun noe dat much bout dad knows it better of course..

n hey check out taylor swift new song..
u belong wif me..
sounds more like all the girls story..haha..

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