Sunday, June 7, 2009

around the world

updating now!!
okay2..somebody tego me to update my blog...
i noe..i hev a gud story to tell ryte...?
nway..every time for dis month..
every time when i went back to my home...
there were always new wedding invitation for my family..
there were like until now..*looking at the special wall*
like..11 invitations..!!
my dad is someone important its like dat..yeah..
everyday my dad will update the invitations..
nway, today i went to shah alam..
never really been sooooo into shah alam before..
i dun really hev frens there to visits or relatives..
y r we there..?
to fulfill the wed invitations of course..
so, the place is subang bestari..
like is it in subang..?
nope..actually its near to sg buloh..!
at first, we sesat already...
my mom gave up..
but me n my dad not!!
so, based on the map..its not really convincing..
we asked people..
some people who actually live in shah alam or near there..dun noe where is subang bestari..
luckily..there's dis girl at petrol station helped us..thank god..
we managed to get there...after my dad went and asked people at masjid when he performed his solat zohor there..
so dat guy showed us..
well guess what..
the map dat they gave is actually..the map inside their residence...
got the bulatan lah..the esso lah...bla bla..
ish really lah..
really got my nerves...
now i really juz think dat..please..drop me anywhere in the kl..but not shah alam..
i'll lost..~!!
shah alam for really complicated...
never2 go there..
ouh..we got there at 1630..
its almost finish..
but we get to eat..
and there r several reasons y i like to go to wedding ceremony..
1. the catering guys..they r hot..some of them..well at least those dat i noe..
2. the cenderamata..make me tink what shud i give on my wed day..hehe..
3. the 'tuan rumah' punya anak2..they must hev one gorgeous son.. ryte..? haha..
4. and the food..of course..

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