Sunday, March 15, 2009

very the manly???

couldnt sleep rite now cuz im watchiing my fave korean drama.
boys over flowers. heh..lovin it.
nway, i put one of those pic of the actors as my wallpaper.
guess u noe who eh..
ya its kim bum..<3
the here..yup dats
well i showed to my mom..
i asked her "ma, ensem xlaki ni?"
u noe my mom said "cm pompuan je"


but, what my mom meant was, that guy don't look manly enough..
based on the fact dat he doesnt hev moustache...? (its my thinkin)
i dun like a very manly type..u noe, moustache n beard n janggut..ol dat..
not my type..really..
even my dad hev a pretty face..(i mean not so hairyyy)
yeah..lucky us..we r not so hairy..heh..vain.
very the manly..? incredible hulk..?
ceh..where got..?
dun want lah..

nway, mmg ensem la kim bum..
kiut nk mampos dowh..
baby face gler..

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