Friday, March 13, 2009

the WOW guy

hev u ol been in love..?
mesti la
me too..
u noe how it is in high skul when u wanted to hev a bf then show to the world.
well after knowing quite a few guys..
then baru aq teringat or tersedar..ler..
dat there is no guy can make me happy.
i mean xpernah jumpe lg la kn..mayb not yet..

tp tp..
i supposed to like dis guy.
but it turns out dat..
he can't make me say the word "WOW"
mayb like somethng dat impressed me.
urghhh..i dun know..he said he liked me..
but i can't like him la.
im sorry. i juz can't.
well, the conclusion is.
there is no guy dat can make me say "WOW".
in this time for sure lah..
hope to meet the "wow" guy soon.or later oso can..

1 comment:

  1. AHhaha~
    mmg sumpah! xde ag laky yg leyh wat ko say "wOw".."wala!" n so On..
    sush beb;
    kalo da jumpe jgn wat lupelupe ep?
    bgtaw r..
    ceh!ara nyiboks jep..wakaka!
    k taa~
    niCe blog girl~