Monday, June 13, 2011

5 things i did

I am sorry i ditched you. okay. that's harsh. again. i am sorry i abandoned you. its not your fault. its mine. totally mine. but i missed you. so i'm going to tell the craps that i've been doing for the past few weeks.

gonna do this in point form.

1. i am busy planning my future. yep. im graduating, gonna take the Nursing Board Examination this Wednesday. but, i've got contract so why do i still need to plan. what? i planned after my 5 years contract. yup, i knw. im optimistic. in this kinda way.

2. i'm in vain mode. what the? yeah. i do constantly compliments myself. i like my feature. my lips, my lower lip actually. my eyes. my chin. my boobs. my hips. my hair. listen. don't you ever hear people say, "you got to love yourself, before you want somebody else love you" or "love yourself, then you find somebody admiring you". call me whatever you want, but if somebody to compliment on your boobs, or practically anything about you there's only two meaning- 1. they feel superb jealous of yourself. 2. they secretly want to destroy you. enuff said.

3. im sky-ping-pong. okay. skype-ing. not just with you. i do it with my other frens too. and telling them basically my day, my probs. and gossiping. but i do it mostly with you. i often told you this bunch of my problems, i forgot to ask yours. i'm sorry.

4. i am busy daydreaming. go to an island and swim in the deep blue sea..and hopefully don't get sunburns. yikes !

5. this got to be the dumbest thing i've ever done since graduating high school. re-establishing a relationship that i know was worthless. why? seriously. okay. because there's so much memories that i don't want to let go. and yes, it's been in my sleep. pathetic. it took weeks after weeks until i've come to realization that he's not worthed. i really liked him, but it was long gone. and i threw the memories to the open sea.

i tink that's the most i did when you and i were separated for awhile. well, besides than studying and cleaning the house..pretty much yeahh..

okay. im gonna go STUDY ! seeya!

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