Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If you could see my hair right now. super duper messy. akibat dari input yg diterima pd hari ini dr pukul 9-5. i was so restless, everytime. and keep thinking about the breaks. and i wanted to pee. it was really cold. i'm sure its -ve something. haha. but really.

and we ate the candy, too much i tink im goin to get a diabetes soon. urgghhhh. but it was so tiring and cold and boring. but overall, the food was awesome! there's breakfast, tea @ 11 am, then lunch @ 1 pm. omg. see the time. and we still ate. rezeki jgn ditolak weii..kenyang giler.

btw, i attend this talk. nk cri tempat tu dah la payah. sesat. last2 naik teksi, itu pun lepas dah berpeluh-peluh. jauh kot ampang park ngn holiday villa. agak ah. long story. actually dekat je pown. salah direction.

jap g nk lepak ngn cha lg. mkn lg. oke. xyh la. minum je sudah.

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