Monday, April 27, 2009

love ur body people!!

so juz now my family n i went to jusco balakong here..
want to buy somethng dat is really important to me!!
my nurse's watch!!
n xde plak kt situ..
but my dad said lets go n eat pizza!!
we always go to pizza hut n hev our super supreme there..
it juz a nice normal family day eating out..
so bla2..talking bout my mom asked my sis to jadi gemok sket..hehe..

then i asked my mom..
"ma, nk ape for mother's day..?"
"belikn perfume from body shop.."
"ouh xpyh la..mama ade bnyk perfume kn..belikn mama golf set lah.."
"nk wt pe..?"
"men golf kot..simpan ke.."
my mom then laughs..

lpas da mkn..g la gk body shop tue..
wat kecoh jp kt sne.."kak, yg ne satu the latest one..?"
"ouh, wild cherry is the latest one.."
"show me"
try 10 kali..
beli gk..wild cherry body lotion..
n its my turn..japanese cherry blossoms body lotion..hahaaa..
bought one for sharing2 k.
my dad bought..body brush..

pay time..
i wanted to pay but..
my dad said..dun waste ur money on smthg like dis..i'll pay for u..
ouh pleasure..hihihi...
then dat akak..said i can be member..
erm..okay lah kot.. mom was dad was worry bout me being a shopaholic..
me happy cuz i hev such a great parents..
da smpai mom kissed me n said thanks dear..what do u want for ur b'day..?
n i said the entire store of body shop!!
my mom was like..yeah ryte!!

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  1. thanks to this article i am now craving pizza; thank goodness Pizza Hut delivers