Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what a day

so like wth..?
yesterday i send my no actually it's my dad who send hehe..i juz drove the car later on..
ouh lupe plak anta g mne en..? anta my mom g hosp...she need to do an operation...
nway..lepak2 kt hosp..tetibe dpt fon call from bel chan..she's one of my roomate. thanx bel..
uh-uh-uh..a call from college is not gud..
she said to me dat jenu asked her to go n asked me if i want to do my RA assgnment tmrw..?
i was like..noooooooooo..i dun want to do tmrw..
juz imagine..its my day off n tmrw i hev to work noon shft..n the RA thng hev to do in the morn..
its like workin double shft yaw..!!
noooooo way..
ouh RA is one of the assgnment is this sem whch u hev to choose a patient or the tutor choose for u..watsoever..
and u hev to interview n asked many kind of sort questions..
and u hev to do a nursing intervention after dat..
and the problem is for me dat intervention part..cuz i tink i can handle the talking part..
&& my tutor is like...idk her..i never work with her before..and she's totally bz..
ouh n as soon as i heard about the RA i feel nauseated...i want to vomit lah...
u noe if im anxious or nervous bout smthng im intend to feel nauseated or loya2 then i feel like fainting..n ol the drama queen thng..
haaahaaa..betul wey..suddenly s.o.b ke..or rse nk muntah ke..u noe thngs like dat..
n i thought i might collapse at my wedding day..hahhaaa..bcuz of nervousness...
ok if i ever ger married lah...
will update more..xoxo..

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