Tuesday, April 28, 2009

single n available..but no sacrifices

i feel bored n i go for tagged.
everytime i wanted to + ppl..
like okay..r they single or in relationship..
bcuz i dun want to disturb the bf n gf k..im very peaceful..heh..
so, now, everywhere i go n c..everyone got a couple or smthng like dat..
n im like..okay single..cool..cool..
enjoyin it..nway..like zainur said..im single so enjoy it..or at least dat is what i remembered..

is it really necessary..to hev a partner..?
do u really enjoy dis partnership thngy..?
cuz for me..a lot of sacrifices n commitment to give..
n apparently..im not ready to it yet..
like i had a fight wif my fren cuz she's always hanging out wif her bf instead of me..
i mean like we're BFF k..
then i went n tink bout it..
am i jealous..? no..? yes..?
still i called her n said sorry..

since then, i began to understand this partnership thng..n well..its really..i mean sacrifices..
i dun tink i want to do any sacrifices yet..im 19 okay..
dis mayb looks like im really a self- centered person..but im savin up my sacrifices for something dat is more important in the future..
n dat is way better than having ur bf hanging around u for like 24/7!!

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