Sunday, April 26, 2009

pity him

so i took dis quiz in facebook..
it called 'where will u meet ur mr. right..?'
n i will meet my mr right..guess where..?
at my college..!!
n i was like..ouh okay..
but wait..
my college is like all- girls!!!
how on earth am i going to find one..?
or even see one..?
bullshit ok..
not goin to find one..
dun feel like it anyway..
n in dis single-mingle club..
trying to focus on work n study actually..
im juz thinkin whoever got to b my not lucky at ol..
cuz im darn busy..if he is busy too then its ok..but lets say if im the one who busy all the time n he's sure he will like thinkin im very boring n workaholic..?
so dat is y im not goin to hev a bf now..cuz really what a pity..
well if he got a car..then he can come n give me a ride..ryte..?
n i would really love him if he can do dat..juz for me..hahaaaa..
updating soon

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