Monday, January 25, 2010

abes cerite

finally..the other parents came and pick me up.
told yaaaaa!!
walking alone in kl is a big no to them.
i went back to c my grandparents n my aunt n her family who stayed there too.
n guess what, they gonna place a wifi in the house yaw!!
after all my kampung is the best!!
we've got everythin. n dat everythin is so damn cool.
i love my kampung. the food is nice. the place is nice. the scene is nice.
like everythin is nice.
but as for me, i can stay for awhile, but not for the rest of my life.
idk. i guess i dun belong there. i belong here. in this bz metropolis.
so actually..2nyte i will go back to college.
had enough rest.
tp assignmnt xsiap2 jgk..hahahha..

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