Wednesday, January 20, 2010

boyfren baru =)

my second post for the day.
sje nk tulis byk2 plak satu hari en. haha..
eh asl aq tulis dlm bm ek..? slalu english.
nth la. tukar angin jp..woooooshhh...
td aq tulis psl CN blue. skg nk tulis psl vokalis dye yg ngh HOT cm pisang goreng panas. aha..

when i look at him
i thought, "man, he is the coolest guy dat i want to hang out with besides kim hyun joong or jihoo sunbae."
n so yeah. i stick to it.

when i look at him
i thought i want to learn how to play guitar as well.
but nahhh.. i rather hear him play.

i mean, i dun always like dis type of guy, u noe.
a musicians. no.
but when i look at him everythng is pooofff!!
i tink i might like him. put aside my books n wtevr is dat.
listen to him. or his songs. n eventually..i like to see him with his guitar.
maybe he's an idol so its a normal feeling ryte..?

i always go for the preppy or the nerds.
but they r juz way too smart from me. it makes me feel im shallow.
they talk bout physics, chem, + maths..n i was impresed with myself. dat i already left all that thngs behind. but i love it if they talk bout stars. astrology is it..?
i can't really blend with astrophysics.
but medical students r not dat bad. we can share some thngs. disease n all dat.

i really like it.
but i wanted to try different thngs.
oh well nvm. bersyukur dgn ape yg ade ye.
enjoy the eye candy of jung yong hwa.

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    JUNG YONG WAN pn dew.. jea nk llu jup..

    keep it up gal(n_n)"