Saturday, January 16, 2010


ok. da amk result for dis sem.
drop dead.
but still 3.
dissapointed. cry n cry.
well i hev expectations k.
but why..?
my tutor asked me
"who did u mix with in this sem..?"
i said "em..everyone..?"
"no. there r specifically person dat u close with"
"idk. maera..?"
"why u can't influenece her but she influence u"
"idk. we only close in class."

the way she sid it make it sounds dat i hev chose wrong person to b fren with..?
im 19 n i can b frens wif whoever i want to.
she did not influence me.
i juz dun really like the subject for dis sem.
especially CN. n GIT.

nobody influencing anyone.
but i was really surprise to c dat i passed my cardiopulmonary subject.
wohoo..for the past year..other groups sucks at dis subject..but dis year..yeah..passed and happy with the only subject.

ouh n i cried lyke i hev never cried bfre in dis week.
n i thought im goin to breakdown.
pimples arising. result of stress..
i dun verbally say i am stress..cuz i dun want to say it.
even i dun say it..they can c from my pimples ryte..?
dat i am stress. n need a break. n sleep more. n exercise.
feel so weird dat didn't go for jog.

n for my frens, im sorry din hang out wif u guys lately.
bz sket.huh.

p/s: many donkeys days we didn't talk.


  1. Tina,don't la disappointed, u r a smart girl...
    i can see that u work very hard since this semester started...i believe u can achieve what u want at the end of this semester....gambateh together lor...
    p/s: but must remember, result is not everythg, the most important thgs r Try your best, and do your best, feel the satisfaction tat u get frm wat u learn...the good or bad of the outcome is just a matter of how you look up to things,and how to look up to things is entirely up to you
    judge it....:)

  2. thank u..btw, i can't comment ur blog..
    cuz it all in chinese!!1 mwahahahaha..