Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the truth

WARNING: im writing in anger. so u noe wt to do.

ya i will not tag u. in da pics.
if u got gf.
but as far as we both noe. u juz broke up.
im single. u single.
what the heck..?

i will not tag u. if u got gf.
but as far as we both noe. u juz wish to hev one.
u dun hev yet. gf.
what..? a fren can't tag another fren pic..?

i deleted u from my frens list.
in fb.
in phonebook.

i can totally understand. if ur in relationship.
got gf.
i dun disturb u when ur in one. didn't i..?
i still not.

but we both SINGLE.
not single..?
not frens..?

i can't tag u. oh wait. i tag u. i did. but u untag.


i juz can't b fren to someone who afraid of wt other ppl thinks.
who probably never admit me as a fren.
who can't take some risks. im ur secret fren now..?
seriously..i dun like dat.
secret. secretive. mysterious.
not me.

i dun noe wt happened. really.
i juz had enough.
im sory i can't respond so well when u told me bout ur break up.
i barely had one. dats y.

no explanation. pls.
its scary to hear the truth.
i dun hev many guy frens offline u noe.
i pick my frens online. i actually chose them.
i dun randomly approve.

juz so u noe. im glad to meet u. to noe u.
FYI, i noe u for 6 years.
dats quite long. long enough for me to hev dis guts to tell u.

if u want to get angry. go ahead.
stab me.

p/s: thanx for the very best day today. i enjoyed myself. how bout u..? no..? thought so..

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