Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bon Voyage

I used to have best friend
dis particular friend
he was nice, charming, funny, brilliant
we used to watch movies together
it was such fun then
i really enjoyed it
every minute

but one day
u told me
u were leaving, to France
i knew the day will come
cause u r a smarty pants
u'll leave me, ur friends, and everything here
n travel to a new country, gain new experiences, making new friends, learn new things
it'll be so much fun than what we did here, ryte?

n dat's why, i dun fancy France, Italy, Rome, Paris etc..
they make me sick
they took you away
they made you
becoming not you.
n that is why you

its not the same
like when you're here
i think i said it about 10 times before u left.
and its true

up until now, i still don't know if we r friends.

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