Thursday, August 26, 2010

imma care for a friend..even ur at France

Today we ym
i told u i cant get over my shophaholic
about bags especially those on9
u told me
keep that money for something else
i laughed n said "i want those bags"
u said, "wait till ur prince charming come and brings a contena full of bags.."
"oh yes..i loike!!"

then u said
u got something to tell
but maybe it will make me angry
but i said "its okay..i'll swallow.."

so u told me
u went for medical check up
to renew ur visa or smthng
then doctor said u hev to excercise more
blood pressure and pulse are increasing
to which its still normal for a guy
but since ur told me bout the lifestyle and the food there
its exactly what i expected

i know, ur expecting me to nagging all the way
but actually i just feel like
i cant believe what the food had done to you
dats why, i hate toulon, france
and the foods there
i cant afford to tell you everytime
u'll be mad at me later
so dis time i said "its okay, u can exercise more..."
"u can do it.."

but deep inside, i really hope
you know what you doing with ur health status.

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