Thursday, August 5, 2010

betrayal, lie and cheat

im not like you
i can't hide feelings very well
when im angry, i throw tantrum
when im sad, i cry a river
when its funny, i laugh out loud
when im worried, i frown
when im overjoyed, i jump sky high
when im afraid, i scream my lungs out
when im happy, i smile a lot
when im lonely, i talk
so you see, the bitter part of myself.
unlike you, who perfectly monster in disguise
well, while you're having fun with the mask on your pretty face
we both know its not going to last
quit playing now, will you?
hurting people, lying in their face, cheating
are you satisfiy with your achievement?
well you certainly have collect enough trophy to display
too bad you can't show em to your parents
cause i bet that is not what they wish for to see
you should stop
you don't like it when you have to see me stopping you
so, please just stop
grow up and be more sensible
up until now, im still hoping there's still you behind the mask.

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