Thursday, October 14, 2010

growing apart and its pain

i think we all start to grow apart
you know when you just can't sit down on the same table
or look at each other without doubts in the eyes
you look down whenever the eyes meet
you start to keep things to yourself
you stop hanging out like we always do

we just grow apart

when everything you do seem so wrong
but you too scared to admit it
too scared to tell each other
that we both know
its just not going to work anymore

but among everyone in the cycle
you always have only this one person you can trust
you can tell every little secrets
the one where you always hang out with
spend most of the time together
cause you know one day
it will come to end
where you and that person will have to leave each other
so until the time comes
both of you decided to do everything together
and cherish the moment
there's only going to be and you
i'll be your diary and you can be the lock and key ;)

p/s: i miss you. wish you know that

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