Thursday, October 7, 2010

Right now

i remember the moment when my dad used to buy me all the things i wanted, even i already got it.
u see, before my sis was even born..i used to get whatever i want. i enjoyed that moment. but that time, i never realized how hard my dad had to work to fulfill my wish..

its still fresh in my mind, when i was 8 or 9
i really wanted dis laptop, u noe those kiddy lappy...where u can play games, vocab, maths and was quite few hundreds..
but my dad can't afford it at that time..
so he told me "i will buy for u, but not today..not now.."
i ask, "y dad?"
then my dad told me, honestly.. "i don't have enough money now..but i promise i will buy for u.."

that time i realized, i shouldn't ask too many things from my dad..sure he will never disappoint me..but, it wasn't easy at all..
nway, he got me dat laptop...i really love it, i carried it everywhere like some sort of businesswoman..hahhaah...

the point is. i was raised with something like, when there is something u can't do, there's always reason y..i will understand if u told me y such things happened at the first place..

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