Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh gosh, im wearing the most comfortable nighties i got, but i still feel fat
what was dis all about?
dats it, im gonna starve until Thursday. note dat.
a lil too dramatic? maybe, but yeah whatever..

maybe its about time i start to whine about how i miss my home
really? or u miss the attention u got? exactly.
y i miss my home?
dis is y:

1. i can talk non stop to everyone
2. i can watch tv like i never seen a box and a wire at the back of it.
3. i can ask my mom to cook me delicious food
4. i can just take car keys and drive
5. i get to order my sis around..haha ;)
6. i can get cash?

but mostly, i miss my parents and sis.

its been 2 weeks, gosh. but i met them last Sunday ;) in some wed we agreed to go
they gave me $$$. thanx ;) really need it for shopping

since i feel fat, im gonna do cardio..

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