Friday, October 22, 2010

Im sorry i left you
i was caught in exam..cehhh

so tonight i was thinking, really i make used of brain. what have i done for these past few sems here?
i had this guy friend. yep, i know him early this year. and we started to hang out a lot much than i ever hang out with any other guys before, except that guy in toulon now. n i met his mom and sis and bro..pretty much. over the past few months, we texted, we met and he was fun. at that time, i think he could really be here if i wanted him to be. i guess you know why i never do long distance relationship, its long n far in distance and can't commit to that. i want the person to be here, right next to me incase i need a moral support or something. later on, we get really closed and it was still fun..and the way he treat me like different or at least thats how i felt..
i couldnt make up my mind. so i guess by time, he would know that he'll be just great as my good friend because the thing is, i like other guy, older, wiser and i couldnt figure anything out yet.
he's really great, fun to hang out with, and we could talk almost everything. and i guess he kinda like me, because that's what my friends told me..they saw affection in his eyes when we had conversation..i felt so too, but it was different kinda feeling.

my point is, why i never love the person who loves me? and im still go for the hard core. the one, who obviously i can go whenever wherever i want to..but i like someone else, and its not certain. if i ever like him, what if he never likes me back? and i got heart broken. toulon guy is not here ( definitely) by whatever means to tell me everything gonna be alright and make lame jokes about it..and tell me i deserve way better guy. now i dont like the hard ways. if u like me, tell me. if u don't well u deserve someone better and so do i.

do guys really think that between man and woman there's no such thing as "best friend"?

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