Saturday, December 19, 2009

im back!!

hey yo!!
long time no write..sorry2!!

urm..guess what..??
i finished my exams..with all the hard work..n sacrifices( xley mkn megi~~)
n entering sem 4 with fresh start..well lets hope for it..
during sem 3..i learned a lot of thngs..n made whole bunch of crazee frens..(they really cracked me up sometimes =)
i liked it..

i liked everything i have..
i want them more..
n more to come..
n pleased me..

the last paper that we studied was cvs..n not juz me but my grup girls really work it out not to fail.
me, anis, shu, maera, diana and wah had a really fun time studying the topics!!!
wee~~crazee ler..n slept at 3am.

there were the days when cafeteria was shut down due to some painting and cleaning, so, we got to eat out..anywhere u want..
luckily..maera and anis pangkor's frens help us a lot.
bring us eat outside..hehe..kamsamida..
n i met dis guy name meon.
really dun noe wt is his real name..they all juz called him i juz..u noe..follow em..
he was real funny guy..i can't stop laughing when i tink bout his jokes!!
i guess dis kind of guy cracks me everytime..
he got dis nerd looks but looks can be deceiving..=)
nway, i hope we can meet again..really made my day..hahahahaha..

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