Monday, December 28, 2009

tears and goodbye

yesterday there was dis grandma died in my ward...
so sad.. T______T
how she died..?
she got septicemia..
dat means the blood got bacteria or toxins..

what i did..?
i helped staff resuscitate the patient..push the emergency trolley and all..
ambu bag..suction..everything was so fast and i stood there..shocked..
but i helped staff passed the things they need..well since im still a student n there's a lot to learn..
but i got to tell u something..i feel lyke working in trauma or emergency dept will be exciting ryte..
adrenaline..chaotic..savin life..quick action..think fast..
i tink i like all dat..the reaction..

but after dat..everythng failed..its her tyme to go..
but i got the feelin dat she will not stay long though..
her blood pressure can't be detect..
urine output low..
saturation of oxygen is totally low..
everybody said so..she got DIL issue nway..
so i guess her daughters aware of it..

they were there when we do the resuscitation..
they cried..then the son came...he cried..
their relative cried..
made us want to cry tooo..
cuz we nurse the patient..
goodbye popo..
may u rest in peace..

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