Friday, December 25, 2009

story on xmas

juz come back from work!!
hev to work on xmas. nurse maa..if cuti then who want to look after my popo n ah kong..?
i dun mind either..
i got my leave before dat..
n n
im doin night shift on new years eve..
dun mind either..cuz i hev nobody to celebrate with..hahhaa..

juz now at a lot of thngs to little time le..
luckily the staff willingly to supervise me..hee..
cuz dat i believe determination is very important..
once u set the thngs u want, sure u will get one..
one way or another..
determination..!! yeah!!

n yesterday on fb..
i took a lot of quiz..
n one of them is.."why r u still single"
my ans..dat i got is not in the mood!!
well but maybe true..its juz dat im not really looking..
since dat guy i like is not here n n..i tink he juz tink dat im his lil
but nvm lah..i really look up to him..idk..cuz he's smart n funny..?
he's juz calm..haha..
not like me..everyhtn oso kan cheong one..hhahahaha..
well my fren oso said dat i already close my heart to another person le..
maybe la..he tried so hard i could barely see him there, stood there..
but he's not wish him the best in his life..

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