Thursday, December 24, 2009

kakak, adik dan telefon.

percaye atau tidak..its been quite a long tyme dat i didn't insert my atm card in the atm machine!!
wohoooo!! improvement. hahahha..
i've been saving..nk kawen nt. lol..=p

no actually..nk bli hp bru..
hahhaa..but do not tell dis to my dad..
he said i membazir n bla bla..
but but how come my sis got 2 fon..both wif camera..well atleast if ade 2 fon kn..ppl usually yg cikai punye..but she...arghhh..i want one too..better than her..ofkos.
so i had dis deal wif my mom..since my dad dun want to buy the fon sesenang hati jer..i made a lil deal...wt la made deal wif parents..=p
dis is idk..hahhaa..

came up wif dis idea..if i achieve gud result for my mom goin to pay half of the fon price..well mayb including the accessory lah how..? bijaksana x..?
the point is..when i want somethn..i usually mean way or another..hah..
n n dis month punye allowance pown cm byk jer..since our cafeteria been shut for awhile..
skg da open blk..kalo x mati da aq skg nih..poket kering r..mane bley..hahhaa..
i already told my dad dat..u got 3 daughters very concern of wt my sis got n i didn't..
im very jealous of my sis huh..?
but wtever lah..i still got better fon then her nway..hhahaa..
tulah..nk membebel jp..

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