Thursday, December 24, 2009

model oren

i hev dis new fmly member to introduce to u all..
she's my niece..she's goin 7 next year. her name is nur farzana izzati bt ahmad fitri.
i really love her. even she noty to me..sometimes.
she really2 cute. y my sis never send her for casting..haisshhh..
she loves to play ps2 n psp. she noe how to speak english quite well. she noe how to surf internet. sort of. she loves ikea. dunoe y. she talks dis much..she's smart. but she too cute..u couldn't resist ryte..? lil sis capture dis
i mean we really got dis gene dun b jealous lah..hahaha..
juz check out the pic k..

p/s: i miss u lah!!

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  1. yeay..u r first followers!!!
    skung kamu jd nurse???
    waa..asal ramai sgt nk jd nurse nih...
    blog kamu cantek~