Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Damansara, Tesco dan tol

so freakin effin daym tired
but fun
hella fun
wif crazies like u guys
i never bored
even tired

BIJOU BAZAAR- the destination.
im juz sick and tired of damansara

1. thousands of u turn until de gps went nuts
2. penchala link tol..ergghh..culdn't get any expensive
3. tesco. paid rm8 for parking when actually the exit is "free". the what we called dat, penghalang ala..at the tol2 usually got..ha..like dat la..is spoiled. so, actually tak yah bayar pown xpe..what we do? the F word along de way has been said

4. we look like some what like travellers..looking for this new kind of thing called 'SOLARIS'
yeah bebeh..u never believe it how many buildings named solaris hev we met along the way..okay fine only 2. but soho skali pown join..haha

like azza said, "how many solaris daaa..."
oh yeah, the solaris we were lookin for is called SOLARIS DUTAMAS
juz check the event lah..
then we arrived at the building..
fine. it looks empty.
not many cars. maybe people walk dis days.
but it really look EMPTEHHHHHHHH
i can even hear echoes
in fact. they've been doing some renovations.
so we decided (still not give up)
to check it out first.
those weird restaurant and cafe ade lahhhh =p
ask people around, they said
"bijou bazaar? xdgr pown..slalu kalau ade event or what they all akan kasi flyers"
mmg la..siott..F word lg kuar after dat..mmg byk dosa aritu.
da plan nk maki hamun dlm fb nt.
its all bluff, fake2..uisshhhh.
iez jgk yg remain cool tp dia penat tu..
dats y agak diam je kot.
so kitowg cri la tmpt lepak2
juz hang out and chill kt the curve
ade street market
better than nothn lah kn ;)
then lunch kt garden
the place is beautiful.
nway, juz enjoy the pic la ye..ahaaa
on the way back.
we sing a song
ok la juz me and azza yg memekak dlm kete
sing this song 'i'll be ur greatest fan"
by goo goo dolls
classic ryte..i loike2!!
sing punye syok2
until reach dis tol..
the chorus part came like dis
and i ll be ur crying shoulder
i'll be love suicide
and i'll be better when im older
i'll be the greates fan of ur lifeeeeeeeeeee.........
*take note at the last part*
smpai kt tol, "no,not u...."
some more dat one is a guy u noe..
malu jgk...tp wt bodo je..
nth2 dia xdgr pape..
but dia cm respond smthn je..
bcuz me and azza ngh gelak2..xdgr ape dia ckp kot.
nway..thanx to azza, zarith and iez for wonderful weekend.
oh last skali xjd maki hamun cuz i dun hev eyes to see
the date is 12 june!!
so its dis week
not last week!!
bodo2. then we goes..ohhhh...patutla..
ps: sori ye damansara dan sekeliling. sick n and tired of damansara. xpsal2 kne.haha..len kali bwk smart tag lahhhh ;)


  1. haha. a very exciting journey la!
    i guess kte memekak pon 2 release all de stress b4. yela shoppin 4 tols n parkings rite.
    n dat tol dude hav a weird face. mcm kinda wink2 smile. 1st i tot mybe zarith was doin her flip2 hair thing. bt i guess mybe its bcos of our screams of singings. sgtttttla funny dat moment!

  2. trueeeeeeeee!!
    best kot memekak dlm kete...
    hahaa..those 3 things we hate:
    1. damansara
    2. tesco damansara
    3. tol penchala link

    totally kaya lah diorg!!