Saturday, June 5, 2010

what a prince hev done to me?

i never thought jake culd be so buff and hot!!
wif the dagger and everthing is perfecto
reese witherspoon is well..i say, rugi2..
i always knew he culd b way better spider man and all the super heroes
but oh well..not his luck at dat time..

but seriously..
prince of persia is a movie u dun wanna miss!!
the princess is hot as well..they shud be together..haha
i remember when i watched him in the day after tmrw..
nah..he's not dat buff tho he is born wif extra cuteness!!
and oh..bubble boy!!
ahaha..funny movie. he was young at dat time..
here comes a new crush!!
yes. before the movie started we wanted to buy smthn.
then i saw dis guy when we were on escalators..
me: adik, cube ko tgk dat guy..ensem gk..
adik: rse tu membe ko la..
me: errr..yeah!! omg!! xperasan la plak..(cpt2 sorok muke)
adik: bodo, membe sndri xknal..
me: shut up!!
but of course im not gonna tell who de guy was..
so embarassing..
i like his style for some reason..
but he's too skinny..idl..
but hey..who noes..he culd bcome buff soon!!


  1. who is dat guy babe? share some tidbits la babe.

    n yeah, i rmber him in day after 2mro. nt someone i wud say my type. u knw wif muka baek n skinny as well lik errr.. haha.

    bt as dastan! daymmmm! hot sial!
    wif de all de parkour jumpin. i hav a crush on him!

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