Sunday, June 27, 2010


i wish i never know u
if u wanted to say "u dun understand me"
yes i say "i dun understand u"
at all.
u doin me a great favor
by leaving here
n go to france.
bcuz u simply delete the post i posted on ur wall
n u ask me to remove all stupid pics we took.
if u ever come back after 3 years
just watever ur thinkin of doin
pls drop the thought.
those word i wrote in capital letters
meant everything.
i dun understand u
ur course
ur frens
ur roomates
ur france
n most of all
what u hev done
to our friendship.
n i can say dis now
i dun care anymore.
ps: writing letter is not fun if it all lies u writes to me. n i dun understand all ur probs cuz ur gf was there to solve it for u. its not me. n i dun want to.

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