Thursday, June 10, 2010

the day

These few days had been
but for some reason
i tink i shud not
but if i stay still n be calm
things will never finish
n i will still be enjoying
wtever movies n dramas
i hev in my drawer

and for my enthusiasm
n so friendly
character i hev shown
i hev choosen to be a leader
for my presentation
means= ordering people around wif guilty pleasure in ur mind

i didn't hangout wif my college frens here so often now
since we are posting
but i do hangout wif my BFF
whenever i got back home
n dat means spending money
n the state will go like "im broke"
while carrying shopping bags n trying new shoes

but the most
fun thing is when doing something wif ur family
u dun hev to pay anything
even the parking
they will say, "nah, its ok ur still studying.."
n i will go like "!!"
or my family usually ask me to join them watch new movie
n the ticket is ready. since we just watch nearby
so they booked it. n we dun like to queue..


so, my point is..
i can't wait to go back dis saturday!!
lepak wif my family
n my cousin engagement
its been a long time we didn't hang out together2!!


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