Wednesday, June 30, 2010

how can a 10 go for a 5?

yesterday was a great ladies day out wif CN aishah, another staff from HDU can't remember name, sorry.. and the rest so called ladies...haha..anis, rara, didi n myself.

we lepak at sunway and celebrate our CN birthday!! yeay!! i love throwing birthday matter its a party or juz small wif close frens who cares, its still meaningful.

anyway..we had our early dinner at ayam penyet.
sedapppp..yummy!! n thanx to the staff there which kinda help us bringing the cake and berkomplot wif us...hehe..
so later on, we watched
dis movie
i loike!! again...haishhh

she's out of my league!!

ok. in my case not she lahhh okayy..
its bout dis guy, major loser..n rated as 5. he worked at the airport. as a security i guess..
then there's dis gurl..drop dead gorgeous rated 10..hard 10. well how they met?
the usual thing i lost my iphone and it happened to be dat guy who found it and they started to meet up later and date and kinda..more than dat after then..
u so its all about how 5..goin to jump to almost 10..and its kinda wrong when u take 2 point jump forward..
in other loser make himself better(physically)..n cooler and less goofy. but in the same time not makin him look like a brat. or jerk.
but i hev to, u out of shape. skinny. ewww..go for gym and build those muscle!!

ps: seriously dat guy in the poster looks goofy. but cute (?)

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