Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i feel touched

last sunday, i hev no money and im at hostel.
i hev no food except milo fuze 3 in 1 and green tea..
so, i cried (fine. i noe sgt memalukan)
because i hev never been so poorer in my life..
i called my parents and told them everything..i asked them if they can bring food over here. cuz im hypo already..
n i hev no money, mom. im broke.
next thing i know..my dad called back. he asked for my acc num and wanted to bank in. he said, we will come in the evening, so what r u goin to eat for breakfast and lunch?
i was touched. i never thought my parents would really care, cuz well u noe..im boros. n no money bcuz i spend too much dis month..

n they came..brought foods!!
all the foods i like!! all kinds of biscuits and believe it or not, i love milo so much..my dad bought 18 boxes of milo!! goshhh!! ala, u noe those..6 boxes..but like he bought 1 carton..
i asked, "dad, who wants to drink all this??"
and of course lah..nasi wif ikan parang masak sambal and sup ayam (my fave) and acar sayur..
tp x abs..wat jadi sahur plak..
all my fave biscuits taw x..
jacobs, oat crunch, lexus kaler purple..hehe
saya suke sgt!!

well..i really really thank my parents for dat.
they were really concern for me. cuz u noe..i always wanted to do everything alone. and i thought i noe everything in the world..
and i never listen to them..literally
im a horrible daughter. i feel bad. n i cried again..they would do everything to make me happy..
i was just touched. n always feel grateful with what i have..

i love

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