Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I just love dreaming

I didn't talk to my best friend. it sucks i know. and it has been about emmm, 8 hours since after class..or its getting weird since lets see, the visits to malaysian for the blind association..speaking of which..the visually impaired people are cool! and im touched by their story..and and i learned braille..its awesome! oh last time when i was posted to the national eye hospital i met a friend..he told us about his story and of course it was sad t__t
btw, he is a paralympic and guess what? he's a rider, but of course he is visually impaired so its like this, they ride a two seated bicycle..the one infront is the one who have normal visual and at the back is's that sounds? i have a friend competing in the olympic or sukan SEA? im not sure..but you know im proud of you Saiful! go and make Malaysia proud! i'll be waiting for the gold medal.. ^_^

Anyway, lets get back to the story.

im the one who frankly told/asked anyone about my opinion over i frankly asked her, "ra, are we friends?" "or not?" or maybe i said in the kinda different version, it goes.."ra, we're not friends anymore, aren't we?"
then she said, "yeah, we're not"
i asked, "but why?" ( you know im not satisfied with just one gloomy answer and for the friendship's sake, I NEED TO KNOW FREAKIN WHY)
well then she said, " im just jealous cause everybody want to celebrate your birthday" (cause i insisted, and hey..its my 20th peeps! and birthdays are amazing! i love cupcakes, good music and nice place to celebrate and i want my friends to be with me on my 20th, especially)
btw, i just told her that i thought (oh, we didn't really get to celebrate hers on june) she's matured enough ( or that she wanted to be) and im still a kid, so i need a celebration =p
that's just it. and its this year is the last year im gonna celebrate with my college friends..i guess she still have time to celebrate hers next year june, right?
im sorry, its just me. i said it jokingly and everybody laughed okayyy ;) not about you, about the idea of my birthday..duhhhh. its kinda funny..the way i said it. and they thought its ridiculously hysterically funny (or i thought so) i just need 3 things on my birthday, and i will be happy on that day..

But im not that kinda person. sooner or later, im just gonna let my guard down (for awhile) and go to her room and sit on her bed and said "i hate birthdays! i don't think i can go to penang with you guys..just cancel the damn party (if they ever plan)" okayyyy..its my crazeee thought (hopefully i will change the script soon)
im just gonna say this "im sorry, im being selfish and childish but i love party and cupcakes and presents and surprises and most of all it would be just fun if im with the one im loved..especially you"

i just feel nice and good on november. especially there's cha and yatim who drivin me insane with their superficial lame but kinda works jokes..its like talking to the cast of HIMYM. wait, its like being in it!!

now, need to stop dreaming about this nonsensical idea about birthdays, cupcakes or even parties..but you can dream bout HIMYM and their jokes. its cool and awesome, and you apply it to your regular daily life..hey, who knows it could be LEGENDARY!!

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