Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So what up with 2 post tonight? nahh, i just thought about something when i took my bath..
its about some people who like to wear glasses so they can actually look "stylish" and its a fashion (?) what i mean is, not the shades or sunglasses..its the dork nerdy glasses type or more like we called old school with the thick, big frame..usually black in colours..but oh well since its fashion they come in many colours..XD

let me tell you a story. true story about me.

i start to wear glasses when i was 9, and that is standard, when i was in form 1-3, let me calculate it for you..basically when i was 13-15 years old..well, teenagers at that time think that glasses is lame and not cool. at all. its like granny or something.. a friend of mine, told me that i actually look like nenek kebayan with my glasses. no, no..not the old school type, its just normal glasses with no i had high lens power..and it looks thick (believe me, i think so too)
what i did was, i took off my glasses the next day to school and everybody start to notice me. including the guy i like (yeay?). since then i become a trend setter. visually impaired student with no glasses. cool eh? my classmates and one of them is my bff followed me..well i influenced her actually..see, we went to school..crossing roads with no glasses just to be glasses and you are cool..when we wear glasses then? are we able to see what the teachers wrote on the blackboard? yes, we wear em only and only in the class, lab, etc..

yeah it was cool, and you started to wear makeup (yes, i wear makeup to what?)
you see, the difference is..we nerds, dork and so whatever..wear makeups and bla bla..but we get good grades..not the same with you. you are posers. anyway..when you are not wearing glasses meaning you can't see clearly so even when your bf walks beside you, you didn't even say "hi" and this includes your best friends or any teachers called just can't seem to respond. and that because you can't see. (clearly)

but i wear em back when i was in form 4-5 cause i dont give a damn thing about nerds or dorks. i just want to pass my spm. and i can say "hi" to my best friend again.

i just want to say that, i was like this when i was still a kid. you. yes, you. have a perfect eye sight. 6/6 non aided. i would be happy if i can see 6/6 non aided. but it always stated aided. so don't purposely go and buy those so called old school glasses just for the sake of fashion. plus it comes many bright colours, sometimes you can look like a mania person..its just ugly. trust me. your not having any eye problem, why want to be one. posers. nah, take my eyes..sepet. give me your big round eyes.

applies to you all. posers.
im cooler cause i've been wearing glasses since 9. and its old school, with thick, black-greenish frame..hah!

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