Thursday, March 24, 2011


I don't know if you still mad at me. or really hate me. i don't know.

but why does it seem that everything i wanna do, it almost included you?
for the past 2 days, i have watched some interesting movie trailers. okay. then without my conscious, i said "okay, nak tgk movie ni dgn _________". tapi tibe2 en, "eh dah tak kawan, mane boleh ajak tgk wayang". same goes to when i wanted to buy something, "rse cm nk beli gak lah utk _______" but then again, "eh, mne boleh.."

so cmtu lah. i guess i just have to get use to it. sometimes when rara said something then tibe2 aku ter-reply plak "ouh..dia pun suke gak, or ade..."
pastu cam "asal lak aku ckp psal dia ek, sengal lahh.."

you see. often we spend our time with someone for a certain period of time, then suddenly a crisis happened and we both keeping a distance from each other. first, we thought..its okay..will be alright soon. then, after days and weeks when you were alone and suddenly thought of that person. that's when maybe all the memories came back. then again, ego will try to stop and things will be back to normal.

yes. eventhough im busy with my college life, everytime i paused the memories came rushing through. what should i do now?

no. i don't want it to end like this.

i hope so too

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