Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long post

Its a short weekend. why? you r reading this, i'm already at my college. probably attending meeting. if not. maybe..reading notes. or else..zzzzzz.

anyway. even though its a short one. i learn a lot and do the thinking.

firstly, human are definitely not the same. maybe i misjudge. or being judgmental. call it whatever you want. i said this because, i often posted somethings for my friends, either good or not so good (won't say bad though). for example, i often write a post about my friend in France. either i miss him, or simply because i miss him (again). or just wanna tell him about my chaotic life. yes, i do tell him by writing because sometimes writing is way much easier than telling. maybe we both kinda bz and if i talked, i probably forgot what i'm talking about. so if i wrote, i could just re-read. anyhoo, my point is. you can't get upset (way over upset) about what i'm writing. especially if i didn't maki you, can't say i did. it is wrong. and i don't understand why are you being so upset when i already said "i'm sorry"? for my France dude. thanx for giving me a definite answer for my question. no dude, its not you. but rather a guy whom i ought to know. but somehow, i couldn't recognize him anymore.

secondly, i hate living alone. i just don't understand my dad. why can't i go live nicely in balakong? oh, wait. its quite far. so my dad bought a house (just a flat) for me to live and near to my workplace. okay. thank you daddy. appreciate it. living alone is scary. but my dad said, i can't be too dependent on people. its time for you to stand on your feet. stop being clingy. and everything. oh well, just want you to know dad, i'm the-more-the merrier kind of girl.

thirdly, i miss you. and i love our friendship. i love it so much sometimes i'm afraid i might lose it. well, you know i might say something unintentionally and next thing i know, you don't talk to me or even skype or ym me anymore. then i'll be more than just a loser. what's more than a loser? idk. and i don't want one. so sometimes i just keep quiet. but being too quiet is weird. so i talked. a lot sometimes. and when you called me, i often forgot to ask about you. i'm so sorry. and you are not calling from anywhere near. better remember that next time.

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