Thursday, March 10, 2011

I miss you

You know, my first choice wasn't nursing. it was more to hotel management and tourism. why? because i like to travel and telling people about great places in the world.

then, i want to open up a nursery. nahhh, not the plants one. its more like kindergarten. why? because i love kids. yes, you and you may not believe it but trust me.i can handle pretty much kids. my way of course. after spm, i worked as a teacher at this kindergarten, then i met this cute chinese boy..emmm that time he was just 3 years old..he so cute and cute, i wished he's 17 (im 17 at that time) i really like him. i still do. he got the cutest face and smile. anyway, i took care of him. pretty much everything. i taught him ABC,123..songs (even chinese one). i bathed him. i slept with him (yikes) woke him up. played around with him, scold him.

his parents are hard working people. they always came back late. then i had to stay with him until 8pm sometimes. i don't mind, but my parents guess what?

i bwk dia to my house! yeay! he stayed with me until his parents came and pick him up. cool eh. amik cinapek bwk blk umh. ckp melayu wehhh..hahaha!! i miss those moments. dia sgt cute!

i think, he's 7 years old now! wow! same age as my niece. Good luck boy!

btw, ape motif kau tulis post ni?

ekeleh, aku rindu dia aku tulis lahhh! i miss Lee Hao Min!

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  1. meh juin aku n nisah meramaikan umat dalam bidang hospitality ni :)