Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I hate Rara!

I believe between 2 best friends there should be some healthy arguments, little bit of drama and so whatever. i didnt talk to my best friend since yesterday evening until..errrr..i can't remember the duration exactly. but hey, we talk now. like we never talk before.

anyway, i do feel bad. if i do something then my best friend is not by my side. usually we had breakfast,lunch, dinner together. but this morning (we dare not to speak yet) so i had breakfast alone. same goes for lunch. but somewhere between classes we 'bergaduh' and then there's more. then there's pause. then only we talked. and end up, having dinner together. which i called her because i had meeting but she's already in her room. so i straight away went to cafe and start to think "i can't do this. i have to talk to her, ala buat bodo je." then went to her room buat muke x malu sket, "ra, dinner jom." then segalanya kembali normal. tu je. all you have to do is. put on your thick face and say sorry.

tak nak kawan sudahhhhh!!

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