Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Memang malas nk type. nk story pun cm malas. disebabkan kau la.

i could never go to sunway,
could never go to cupcake chic,
could never walk around in sunway,
could never go to midvalley and hang out in mph again
could never go to carrefour in midvalley ever ever again.
could never watch the movie we used to watch again.

wait. i know you possibly don't care. but i do. its been this long and im really tired of this. all of this. i said sorry. for whatever i ever did to you. but you just don't care. i did wrong. and so do you.
i know we are not freakin couple but i went out with you way too many times than anyone else. i don't know why you kept secrets but i don't. i hate secrets. that's why i never keep one.

i really hate you. you are a distraction. big massive one. why can't you just quit your job and move from pj. that would give me some peace. cause i won't. i have contract. if not, i'll be out from your face.

even if i was mad at you, i'll be fine after a week. we could talk it over and apologize and do whatever we want to. but it has been 2 weeks. oh, i have my own reason why i text-ed you using rara's number.

i hate you i wish i never met you.

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