Saturday, July 3, 2010

the evening

im so happy today writing dis at 1203 so
counts as last night la kn ;)

nway im still happy
1. i got to spend my evening wif de guy..and his fren.
2. im a grown up!! i rode a taxi alone!! yeay!! never done dat bfre..
3. i watched the back up plan wif de guy.

but wt im happy the most is, the plan bout dat evening..i never really thought of it. it juz pop up. n glad it worked.

my date. i dun even noe if its appropriate to called him dat. he's very fine guy..and yes he's tall. he juz like so real u noe..n he's very nice..n wt my frens called sweet after wt he has done to me. ok so it like dis..

im a fool when it comes to public transport.
i really juz stupidily follow wtever if it says so.
i dun even noe if i got cheated or anythin.
n i dun like to wait. most important.
but hey, he was there.
he waited together wif me for taxi..oh come on..its like 2200 ok.
n who noes he is like dat. gentleman.
n i said im scared. i really mean it..felt like want to cry bcuz had to wait and like theres no taxi.
but hey he was there again..
stop the taxi n kinda do everything. but i did say thank u.

so one of my frens ask; if he's juz ur fren he wouldnt do dat. like no feelings. nobody wuld waited for 30 mins for taxi wif someone they always texting but its first time meetin.

and i said; well maybe he's like dat. he treat all his frens the same. i mean its nyte, u culdnt leave a scared lil girl alone. he's juz bein a real guy ok. no big deal. dats wt frens for. i mean he culdnt like juz a plain jane.

but wtever he did to me.. i loike ;)

ps: we knew each other lahh..we went to seminar together. he's my high skul fren..but diff skul. we met but never really know each other dat time. ala budak2 kot time tu..haha..

i really appreciate the night.

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