Friday, February 25, 2011

Kisah ini tidak benar

Kisah pada pukul 8am, di dalam kelas. yg agak hening (sibuk mendengar story lecturer nmpknye)

"Datyn (she really called me by that name!), wat did you do last night?!"
"go out and wash your face!"

*go out and wash face*

but i'm not even sleepy. ok. maybe your story rather boring than what's on my mind at that time.
i'm not in the class (?)

i was thinking about something. ergghhh.

so last nyte. i had some lil fight wif rara. because she used my fb acc to send msg to that someone. sayin "we need to talk"
to which, he send a text msg sayin, talk about wat?
then, i figured out. maybe i did send him msg (unconsciously?)
but, it turns out. i wont do something like that. that's just not me. so i made her explain for me. it was complicated n yes, i cried. why does she have to made me cry??

anyway, the problem solved. i mean about the msg and the talk. the rest, i haven't figured it out yet. just not yet.

ps: my roomate said, "mate kau sepet sgt. tu yg dia igt kau tido kot. dah dah pergi wat plastic surgey." pfftttt...

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