Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tolong la ingatkan aku

Eh lme gak x update ek. ok lah. tp slalu je usha blog org lain. haha. stalker.

lately, eh bukan td..aku letak status "yea, i like you. if not, i wouldn't go out with you"
actually dia cmni. "no, i don't like you,so i don't go out with you" well..mane boleh terang sgt.
tp betol oke. aku x kuar ngn sebarang owg. it has to be someone that im comfortable with. seriously like, kau ckp kau kenal aku 8 tahun or cm bukan smlm aku kenal kau. so what? aku kene kuar ngn kau la? u got to be more than dat. maybe aku kenal kau time skola, hi2, bye2..dok satu meja. mkn sme2. then after that you left me, then you got me back. you expect i would say "yes"? its not wonderful years with you. it never happened. of course. your very good looking, great course your taking. major in marines..bla bla bla..but that's it.

then you said, i'm bad. guess again. who cares? you don't fucking deserve my kindness.

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