Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parallel lines and the other lines

Sometimes i just wish we're like parallel lines. not the thing that we have in common. its that we never met, even though we are walking on the same path.

but somehow we're like that every other pair of lines, we met once and then drifts apart, forever.

and i think that is really sad, because every other time..i do think of you, and everything else in between. i don't know what am i suppose to feel.

but it's funny, sometimes in my dream..or i thought that you would text me, "i missed you". but it never happened, forever. i want to do that too, but i can't. i'm afraid.

it felt so weird that we always meet and i thought we could have the conversation we used to, but then again it stop me.

i could never look at you in the eye again. i am so sorry.

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