Sunday, April 10, 2011


hello peeps. first thing first. skype not responding. heh. :(

bru lepas blk supper wif belinda, my roomate and one of my bestie. yup. if she can live wif me for 3 years, consider that awesome.

right now, i miss you. but i'm sure your not. kan kan?

so wassup? takde pape. just thought nk kuar mkn ngn rara and waited for her in her room and fell asleep. -__- she came back from work and i well...told her i'm hungry since i didn't had my lunch and dinner yet. just had a hotdog bun and a nescafe mocha. it already digested. anyhoo, she asked me to come with her and have supper or something..then i asked, "dgn sape?" she said, " spe lg?"
"oh, ur bf..". "ti, faster get ready, he's on his way.."

ok. i'm gettin ready. to be honest, i just want to spend my supper wif rara. not me, rara and her bf. then thank God, my rooomie's back. so i told rara.."ra, i'm sorry. tak nak kacau kau ngn bf. aku g ngn belle, see u at work tmrw.." then, of course.rara would say..its okay..bla bla its me. aku tak biasa la segan its okay. maybe next time.

i'm okay with it. come on, ur my best friend. i'm happy for you. tapi, next time..girls day boyfie. or even boys.

ps: sometimes i'm a person who enjoy table for two. no more threesome.

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