Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keep it cool babe

Hello from not-so-friendly place. yep. college.

its a hectic week. college night which is the lamest thing ever happened to me since coming here. why? we can't bring a date. from outside. by other mean, you can't bring your bf/scandal/bff/gbf so whatever. you have to agree with me this time, if you ever consider yourself a human with feelings who fortunately live on earth. if not, errr..i guess you Martians? damn you!!

ape? tak puas hati? boo you martians

the event will be held at the college itself..duhhh..(it is college night anyway) and we will be doing perfomances..and exchanging of gift, since they will be celebrating xmas. they not me. note that. i never really like all this kinda thing you know. its not fun maybe because there are no guys (?) and bff? i have to say again, its lameeeeeeee..pls do something about it k.

i was thinking (again) to go for ice skating. maybe amir can help me with it. he's very good with skateboard. hey, skating and skateboarding is almost the same. its all about, just when are we gonna do that? we will be going to our annual dinner, sunway gateaway..bla bla bla.. isn't it cool? should be fun. should create smiles and laugh.

wah, ramainya orang!! sume nmpk cam semut aje..hehe

oh oh, and i kinda want to buy this books..

why am i reading tony parsons anyway? i like star wars and barbie perhaps? haha..its totally different from other novels i read before. Parson's story is from a guy point of view.. from a husband, dad, ex-husband...etc. its so fun to read. well, as for now it seems...

as for Kinsella's..its a part of my life. shopping. can't avoid it though.. ;)

that's all for now, nites peeps!!

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