Monday, December 13, 2010

Perasan busy je

I am still trying to find a perfect planner or organizer as my days soon will be hectic ( i think)

so i'm writing it here. please do remind me.

1. 18.12.2010- Azzriza's bro wedding. must attend!!
2. 19.12.2010- My cute lil niece cukur jambul/ aqiqah kenduri
3. 25.12.2010- Swimming and work out @ Palace of the Golden Horses with BFF!!
4. 1.1.2011- Cash out day with BFF!!
5. 9.1.2011- Annual Dinner @ Subang Grand Dorsett
6. 15.1.2011- Sunway gateway!!

hey, where got busy. oh not to mention between those days i might wanna go outing with amir. but we haven't say any word about it. but pls pls pls, nak tgk tron!! hehe..gedik ah.

anyway, now its posting my working hours are from 8- 4pm. tireddddd ahhh..bile nak grad ni... T__T

did i mention tired just now? yep. wanna go and take nap now. enjoy your day!


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