Monday, December 6, 2010

Lee Seung Gi- Words that are hard to say

That toulon dude gave me this,

so that i can smile 24 times/day? i don't know alright. he said just 24 is enough. i smiled 22 times today. then something happened that made that smile stop. just something.

ape daa..and he asked rara to make me smile again. heh..

i need to comment a few things though he said "jangan memilih sangat, just take what i give you"

1. mane plak aku membe ngan gengster weii..
2. aku emo. yes. tapi tak baling kerusi, meja ok..haha
3. awek tu comel en, cam aku..haaa (compliment is needed)
4. mamat tu (lee seung gi) cam kau dow..nerd abis! haha..
5. sume2 yang diorang actually buat tu we kinda did before lahh, except for snooker! not yet! haha..sangat suka! (easily excited over small things)

but you noe me well, so you know i liked it. this korean thingy..i think i cried. i hate you, aren't you suppose to make me smile? duhhhh..

it reminds of high school, way back then..

thanx Zainur Fareezal.. you have just completed my 24/day smiling actions!

nak dengar lagi lahhh..pergi main jauh2...syooo syoo..

oh oh, i posted it here so that i can remember.. you know, i got this thing called memori ikan emas :(and and, dis guy is my possible bf if you can see on my right side of blog..hehe

tulah, tak tahu ape tu? kan aku dah cakap, pergi la baca buku berilmiah sikit..or just Google!

ha macam ni, macam ni!! tapi rambut aku x panjang wehh =p


  1. dat jieber-lookin hairdo-guy sure looks alot like dat toulon guy when he was in form 2. lol.